Zach & Mindy

Zach and Mindy were married on June 13th, 2015 at the beautiful Mergen Farms.  The day started out with hair and makeup at Mia Bella Salon and then we moved to Katy Depot to meet up with Zach for the first look.  The forecast called for rain so we needed a beautiful outdoor location to shoot at just in case.  After the bride and groom got to see each other we moved downtown to fitters for a few drinks but the weather had gotten better so we took some group shots with downtown Sedalia in the background.  We had finished our downtown shots just in time because the rest of the day was a down poor!! But the ceremony was planned to take place inside the awesomely decorated barn at Mergen Farms so it a problem 🙂 A rainbow even appeared right behind the barn later that evening and we got the chance to run outside for a few pictures before the sun had set.  All in all everything was as amazing as it could be on their big day.  Congratulations Zach & Mindy!

_MG_4598_MG_4611_MG_46251_MG_4631_MG_4657_MG_4700_MG_4588-2_MG_4520_MG_4515_MG_4703_MG_4711_MG_47461_MG_4827_MG_4841_MG_4874-2_MG_4881_MG_48852_MG_49002_MG_4914 copy_MG_49243-1_MG_47961_MG_4939_MG_495123_MG_5017_MG_5013_MG_5035_MG_5030_MG_5095_MG_5192_MG_5210-2_MG_5228_MG_5235_MG_5271_MG_52831_MG_53943_MG_54614_MG_5490_MG_5492_MG_5537_MG_5546_MG_5550_MG_5551_MG_5589_MG_5320_MG_5363_MG_5419_MG_5714_MG_5719_MG_5770_MG_5864_MG_5810_MG_5832_MG_57914_MG_59272_MG_59623_MG_6093_MG_6185_MG_61891_MG_62132


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