Anthony & Ariel



This wedding was a little extra special for me.  Having known the groom through a great childhood friend, I got to know him and his family growing up.  But not only was I able to get to know the groom before the big day, but Ariel was a bridesmaid for another great friend during a wedding that I had photographed the previous year! This trend has continued into my 2017 weddings as well; in which a bridesmaid at a wedding I have photographed is next to have their own wedding.  I love it!!

Anthony and Ariel’s big day was nothing short of beautiful.  The weather was perfect.  The locations were all so gorgeous.  And everyone I photographed had such a great sense of humor (my favorite thing in the world!) Anthony and his groomsmen even did their individual “goofy”photos in the same fashion as the cover of the movie Stepbrothers!  One of my favorite moments about this day was anytime I would go up to Anthony and tell him “you have such a beautiful bride” he’d sarcastically reply “she’s the lucky one!” 😉 Nothing but love and laughter on this day ❤

Congratulations Ariel & Anthony Spellmeyer!!!

Dj- Just Get In Photobooth
Wedding Venue-Georgetown Country View Estate
Reception- Fox Theater
Food- Family
Jeweler- JC Penney’s
Dress- David’s Bridal
Tux- Harold Pener Mens Wear


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