4 Things you will LOVE about Cantrell Photography’s Style!

  1. NATURAL- The biggest piece that I want people to take away from the images I create is that it looks like themselves as naturally photographed and retouched as possible.  This means popping colors, brightening highlights, darkening shadows, correcting tones; making the image look magical without going too far on editing.  Each image gets individual attention rather than batch editing as well.  You’ll notice that I limit the amount of equipment I use during a session or wedding day too! I really enjoy walking around and having fun rather than having to stop and set up lights or change a lens often.  2nd.jpg
  2. A mixture of CANDID and POSED- While I go CRAZY over capturing a beautiful moment full of pure love I also don’t mind creating an image that tells a story through posing.  With the right light, background, and a little direction on posing, I’ll give fun cues to get a couple or family to interact with each other in a playful and natural way.  Making an image look as if there was never any posing involved is the goal!2.jpg
  3. ROMANTIC- The best time of day to take photos will always when the sun is dancing off a landscape or casting light through the trees.  Ensuring that sessions are either early in the morning or late in the afternoon will give the images a romantic tone, mixture of light, and good contrast.  IMG_9827.jpg
  4. PERSONAL- The biggest reason that I offer free engagement sessions with my wedding packages is because it’s extra time to spend together getting to know each other before the wedding day.  It’s not often that a photographer spends the day following you around; but the good news is that I’m very comfortable getting to know people and building a connection! And not with just the couple, connecting with family, members of the wedding party, and the guests are crucial so that you are left with beautiful images of your wedding day and all of the people that make your lives full of laughter and love.  IMG_8821.jpghttp://www.saracantrellphotography.com


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