Sarah & Andy- Sedalia, MO.


Sarah & Andy were married on Saturday April 29, 2017.   I usually tell couple’s that it never rains ALL day and that surely we will get a break somewhere to take photos outside.  This day was the exception! It rained non-stop from start to finish and yet the day was still amazing!!  I photograph weddings pretty frequently at Heritage Ranch and this was the first time that the couple requested to darken the string lights in the barn so that people will be more willing to dance, and it worked! The band had some great lighting to add a completely different mood to the venue than usual.  A special thanks to Cassie Plummer for doing a great job shooting with me!

Congratulations Sarah & Andy!!!

Band- Random Access
Reception & Ceremony- Heritage Ranch
Cake- Hannah’s Cakery
Food- Colton’s
Jeweler- Ritani
Dress- Savvi
Tux- Savvi




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